“Deborah is warm, caring, sincere, smart, and passionate about her work. I found Deborah’s structural work to be life changing. I continue to have benefits almost two years later. I had had two fairly recent pregnancies prior to the work and still had a pelvis somewhat stuck out of alignment. I also had lost a significant amount of weight and become active again and my body was still adjusting. Deborah’s work, in addition to be wonderfully enjoyable, helped my body settle into its new reality and engage and energize.

I had just started running again and at the time was working up to my first half marathon. Since then, I have trained for and run a full marathon and continued as well improving my swimming and biking. I believe the foundation created by the structural work has allowed me to do this with minimal injury. I also believe that on a more subtle level the work helped me to move forward in my life with renewed energy and new goals, and a focus on wellness and transformation. It is a wonderful opportunity to receive Deborah’s work and it will unlock unlimited potential!”   A.W., Seattle


“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gradually paid more attention to not only maintaining, but seriously improving, my health and general well-being. First, I lost fat accumulated through inactivity and poor eating habits. Then I added in a bit of exercise, followed by getting a bike—nothing fancy, just one of those hybrid things. Then, after gradually adding a lot more things, like more exercise, a better bike, and another bike, and a liking for being an old-girl athlete in general, I added some personal coaching for my bike work. And then I learned about SOMA Neuromuscular Integration and embarked on a course of treatment with my friend, fellow athlete, and SOMA practitioner, Deborah Nimmons.

My initial meeting with Deborah was more about supporting a woman with a new career than it was an effort to embrace change. At the low end of my expectation range, I thought I would have a series of massage sessions, and what’s not to like about massage? In hindsight, my course of treatment with Deborah was to be the catalyst for a series of positive changes that have rippled through all areas of my life, but most particularly in the areas of my physical and mental well-being and my willingness to take a chance on change. SOMA was more and different than I expected it to be, and I didn’t realize the extent to which this would be true until well after the completion of my SOMA series.

What has changed? My physical activities have increased and broadened in range from where they were at the start of my treatment. Part of this is due to a greater awareness of my body and how I carry myself, and a knowledge of my working parts, which helps me take better care. My mental health has been generally more positive and more grounded in the present moment of my life. And my capacity for more has increased, along with my desire to further embrace the changes I want to make in my life.

I’m not sure if I can absolutely, positively tie SOMA to all that has passed since last year’s sessions with Deborah, but I am incredibly grateful that she appeared with her healing hands at absolutely the right moment in my life for me to take advantage of them.”  C.M., Sammamish

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